Understanding the Five Love Languages


One of the best resources for understanding how you and a potential partner can meet on common ground is to use the five love languages. How do you express and receive love? How does your partner? Understanding these pathways of connection can help to smooth out misunderstandings and strengthen the potential bond between you, a partner, and even within the family unit. Are you ready to learn more about the five love languages? Let’s take a look.

Physical Touch
This is the art of hand holding, back rubs, or simple physical affection. People who connect using this love language are lovers of the physical world. They love to give reassuring shoulder touches and enjoy long sessions of cuddling.

Words of Affirmation
Things like, “I believe in you,” or “You’re really beautiful,” gel very well with those of you who enjoy words of affirmation. For these people, the art of language is the quickest way to their hearts.

Quality time
Quality time lovers love to spend time with their beloved. However, it should be noted that this doesn’t mean laying on the couch and watching TV together. Quality time is time spent with focused attention and a keen quality time-lover can tell when you’re not entirely invested.

Acts of Service
Do you know someone who really loves it when you do them a simple favor? Things like doing the dishes for them or fixing something in their home without prompting will mean the world to someone who receives this love language.

Receiving gifts
For some people, the physical representations of your love will shine the brightest among your expressions. Something as small as a coffee or as big as a new car will mean the world for people who love receiving gifts.

Utilizing the Five Love Languages
As you approach a new relationship, take the test to find out what kind of lover you are. Do you thrive on acts of service or do you prefer physical manifestations of love? When you know and understand your own love language, you can help your new match to express their affection in an effective way. Similarly, when you discover your partner’s love language, you can serve their needs without wasting effort on gifts they don’t care for or words that don’t reach them. At the end of the day, the five love languages serve as a tool for understanding and connecting with your partner in a more effective way; use them to make the perfect match!

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