Bringing a Plus One For the Holidays


It's finally that time of year again, the holiday season is underway. And with the holidays come family visits. For those who are dating someone, below are some suggestions to approach the subject of bringing your special someone to visit your family during the holidays.

Preparing your Date

Surprises are fun, but not always appropriate for the moment. Before bringing your date to your holiday gathering, show him/her some pictures of your family members and describe their personality, interests, family of origin and a few fun facts. This preparation will help ease anxieties leading up to the holidays and make it easier for your date to engage in light conversation.

Mix and Mingle

While some family members may be delighted that you are bringing your special someone, some of them may want to have the opportunity to spend some time with you alone. It is okay to walk away from your date for brief moments to catch up with specific relatives as long as you are mindful of not leaving them for long periods of time. This can be a great opportunity to notice how your date interacts with others as well as a chance for your relatives to get to know your date separate from you.

Relax and Have Fun

Rather than hyper focusing on first impressions of your date, try to relax and savor the holiday festivities. Make sure you indulge in delicious food, smell the aromas, notice the beautiful decorations and above all remind yourself the reasons you are grateful this holiday season.

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