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The MatchPro is the place where eligible, commitment-ready singles connect. As the Mid-Atlantic’s premier upscale dating service, we’ll give you the one-on-one attention you deserve to help you find your future partner. No algorithms, just relationships!

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Meet Your Matchmakers

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Founder of The MatchPro,
Relationship Expert & Licensed Therapist

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Co-Founder, Dating Expert &
Master Photographer

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 First, complete our, private questionnaire. It may take some thought but it is easy to complete. After all, we want to get to the important points about you and your future partner.  You can begin your profile by clicking on the “Get Started” button.


After you submit the profile, one of us will call you to schedule a private interview where you will meet with one of our founders, Tammy or Kimberly. Once we’ve welcomed you and helped you settle in, we’ll talk. The subject? You! We want to hear your story, find out what you care about, and learn what you’re looking for. That’s an important difference. We go beyond facts and data to form a relationship. This is how we make matches that are deeper and more personal than any on-line survey could ever offer.


As Baltimore’s premier and only privately owned matchmaking firm, we are proud to offer singles like you several membership options. After completing the personal interview, we will consider your unique needs and help you select the best fit for you based on your needs and preferences. 


We found someone we’d like you to meet. This is an important time! Based on our conversations together, we will make a personal, hand-selected match who shares many of your interests and goals and does not possess your top deal breakers. Since we have set up your introduction, you only have to think about what to wear and looking your best. Set your intentions on positivity, having fun and remember to smile!


After your date, let’s talk. What did you think? If it is not a match, how can we fine-tune our selection of future candidates? Remember, this is a process, and every step helps us get to know you better. Our members trust us as confidants who can talk candidly and share observations about your experience. Remember, matchmaking is a personal, relational process; our ongoing dialogue will only make the dating process better and better and help you find the relationship you’ve been looking for.


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